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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sunflower Fields @ Saraburi, Thailand

Just came back from a week of holiday in Thailand.  Instead of spending the whole week in Bangkok, we spent 3 full days at Khao Yai.  The blooming seasons for sunflowers normally starts in December till January.  The local tour agency that I booked my tour with suggested to us to visit the sunflower fields at Saraburi as the blooms in those small fields scattered in Khao Yai were not very impressive yet.  We agreed and topped up 300 baht for the driver to make a stop at Saraburi before heading to Khao Yai.  Saraburi is about 2.5 hours drive from Bangkok.  We spent our time snapping photos of the beautiful sunflowers.  This was also my first time visiting a sunflower field so we took tonnes of photos.  Immersing ourselves in the field of sunflowers was really delightful!  =)

A sunflower with cool shades.  =)

These stalks of sunflowers are taller than me! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Baker's Well Mooncakes 2017

[18 Aug 2017.Fri]  Baker's Well 2017 Mooncake Private Launch

Just when a friend of mine was sharing with me about this nice bakery at East Coast Road - Baker's Well that I had yet patronize before, I received an invitation to Baker's Well 2017 Mooncake Private Launch Event at Suntec City Convention Centre.

The different flavoured snow-skin mooncakes that Baker's Well offered are:
Yuzu Truffle
Earl Grey Lavender Truffle (New Flavor)
Champagne Truffle
Salted Black Sesame Truffle
Rum & Raisin Truffle
Matcha Truffle

Baker's Well's mooncakes are artisanal handmade from scratch.  I heard from them that even the blue colouring for the rum and raisin truffle mooncake are obtained from the blue pea flowers juices extracted directly from the owner's garden. 

 This year, their packaging is kept simple but still rather eye-catching.  When you place the 4 small boxes together, you can form two full moons which is quite an apt design for the mid-autumn festival.
 Baker's Well is well know for their traditional handmade baked-skin mooncakes such as Pure White Lotus with Double Yolk and Roasted Melon Seeds and Traditional Mixed Nuts.  All their products are made with less sugar and they also have Sugar-Free Pure White Lotus with Roasted Melon Seeds for the more health-conscious customers.

  The 6th flavour of their snow-skin collection is the Earl Grey Lavender snow-skin mooncakes.  Wrapped in a lovely shade of pastel purple, the perfect blend of premium Earl Grey Tea with Lavender will definitely please all tea-lovers.

Their all-time best selling snow-skin mooncakes are these pink Champagne Truffle.  The taste of the champagne is rather strong and definitely a must-buy for all liquor enthusiasts.  

 Similarly, their Snow-Skin Rum and Raisin Truffle mooncakes (purple) also has a very strong alcoholic taste.  Generally, I find that Baker's Well snowskin mooncakes, although small in size but very strong in their respective unique flavour.
These Snow-Skin Yuzu Truffle mooncakes have a very refreshing citrus taste.
Traditional Handmade Baked-Skin Mooncakes.

 I love their Mixed Nuts baked mooncakes.  Every bite contains a mouthful rich of different types of nut, very satisfying.

Where to try Baker's Well mooncakes?  You may head to their shop at East Coast Road or visit any of the Mid-Autumn roadshows.  Takashimaya already started the mooncake fair last weekend!

Baker's Well

Saturday, March 18, 2017

JB Food Trip - Exploring food places near JB Checkpoint/ City Square Mall

My friends and I had planned for this day trip a month ago so we managed to book the train tickets to go JB.  To maximise our short day trip at JB, we booked the 8am train and return trip at 9pm

 Our first stop of our own food trail was at "Kam Long Restaurant" which specializes and sells only in Curry Fish Head.  Normally a long queue will form during lunch time or slightly earlier.  We decided to have this as breakfast as there was no queue at all at 8.30am.  

 We ordered the Medium portion which cost RM 35.  The portion was alright for the three of us.

 We also ordered rice to go with the curry and I even finished my whole plate of rice!

Immediately after a heavy Curry Fish Head breakfast, we went to our second makan venue which was also nearby - Restoran Sekee.
 Ah Hua 亚华 Kway Teow Soup
Charcoal is used to cook the soup.

 I ordered the normal kway teow soup which already had livers, kidneys in it.  My friends topped up extra ingredients ie oysters for their soup and the oysters were rather big. (RM 16)

After another satisfying meal, we wanted to go IT Roo cafe for the chicken cutlet.  However, the cafe was not opened yet and we went to "The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen" for a drink first.

 I had beetroot lemon juice.
 We ordered another round of hot beverages and churros as well.

 Churros with Dark Chocolate Dip

 Finally, around 12pm, we proceed to IT Roo Cafe for lunch.

 Chicken Cutlet
 Chicken Chop

After lunch, we need to accomplish one more task before walking over to City Square Mall.
What are they queuing for?
Banana Cakes!!!
 We joined the queue too and only got hold of the banana cakes after almost 45 minutes as there were quite a number of people in front of us who bought a lot of cakes.

 Even their popular coconut buns were sold out by around 1pm when we were there.

 5 pieces of banana cakes packed in a small box like this cost RM 5.  
After buying the banana cakes, we walked over to City Square Mall for some shopping.

Caffe Bene at City Square Mall

We had a very refreshing Watermelon and Lychee Bingsu here and also got to enjoy free wifi to post our photos on instagrams.

We had an early dinner at the Chinese Restaurant "Dragon-i".  We went to the one at Komtar JBCC (the mall next to City Square Mall) as it was much less crowded.

Lotus Paste Bun

Wonton Soup
We sort of over ordered but we managed to finish almost all the food except the wonton soup.  We didn't expect the serving was so big.  Our dinner was the most expensive meal of the day.  Total cost was around RM 300.

After dinner, we walked around the mall for another one hour plus before boarding the train back to Singapore.  A great advantage of taking the train was that we didn't need to be bothered about the traffic jam.  =)